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For over two decades, we are at the forefront
of the catering industry, specialising in outdoor catering, bakery services and creating amazing wedding experiences.

What started as a passion for exquisite cuisine and exceptional service has blossomed into a renowned establishment known for its dedication to culinary excellence. With a rich history of crafting delectable dishes and orchestrating seamless celebrations, we take pride in being the trusted choice for countless memorable events.

Our portfolio
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Deli Delights

From artisanal bread to decadent sandwiches, pasta bowls or salads, our services showcase a mastery of the local craft, offering a delectable array of treats to satisfy every palate.

Classic Bites

Our proficiency in outdoor catering sets us apart, allowing us to bring our gastronomic delights to any location, creating unforgettable dining experiences under the open sky.

Classic Catering

With a legacy spanning two decades, we have honed our expertise in the art of catering, delivering memorable culinary experiences for a diverse range of events and occasions.

Deli Crust

We understand that quality is key when it comes to catering, and that’s why we take pride in controlling every aspect of the food we serve. 


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Deli Delights

Whether you're craving a comforting classic or an innovative culinary creation, Deli Delights is dedicated to delighting your taste buds with our irresistible selection of culinary treasures.

Each offering is thoughtfully prepared, celebrating the rich tapestry of flavours and ingredients that define our culinary philosophy. 

Wholesale Menu

Classic Bites

From private parties to lively corporate events, our team is dedicated to crafting a seamless and delightful culinary journey, ensuring that every moment is savoured amidst the beauty of the great outdoors.


Embrace the enchantment of al fresco dining with Classic Bites, where every event is transformed into a celebration of exquisite flavours.

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Weddings & Private Events

by Classic Catering

Our enduring commitment to unparalleled service has firmly established us as a trusted partner for creating unforgettable moments.


Whether it's an intimate wedding or a grand celebration, we take pride in transforming every occasion into an extraordinary catering journey, where each dish tells a story of passion, creativity, and dedication to the craft.

Wedding Tent
Wedding Buffet
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Deli Crust

Our Deli Crust factory bakery ensures the freshest ingredients are used in all the Deli Delights & Classic Bites we serve. Furthermore, we are also proud suppliers of fresh rolls to local businesses around Jersey. 

Bread Dough
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